Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Celebrity Exile: The liberation from stupidity

You can't avoid them. They peer at you from the grocery store check out line. They self pontificate on TV. They are ubiquitous. And you wonder how the heck they ever got the attention and how the heck can we rid ourselves of them. They are the lot of celebrity leeches that do not seem to have any real skills other then an uncanny knack for finding a camera. You don't mind hearing about Brad Pitt, Bono, or Obama on TV....they have actual talent. But these guys? I'd like to wrap these people up in a big ball and drop them off on the farthest reaches of Sakha or somewhere equally remote.

Here are the first people I'd like to wad up....
  • That Montag couple- The only time that I ever hear about these two is when TMZ is on, not a good sign. So, evidently they are celebrities because they live in the right place, look pretty, and are willing to debase themselves as long as it's on film. They embody the vacuous celebrity culture that is so many people love to gawk at.
  • Octomom/Plus 8 Jon and Kate- Unlike the Montags, at least these guys have something worth parading in front of the TV...their kids. Any parent who depends on their children for their livelihood or sense of self worth is no parent indeed. I don't think they mind that we are laughing at them so long as our laughter and attention leads to their checking account.
  • Al Sharpton- I'm sure that many years ago this man was a great crusader for the oppressed now the only thing he seems to be crusading for is another interview with anyone with a camera. The great irony is that he has probably done more to strain race relations then anyone of the last couple of decades.
  • Keith Olbherman/Sean Hannity- We are a very divided country at the moment and a big reason for the divide are the demagogues of hate like the two mentioned above. Hey guys, I'm more interested in solutions then in for reasons why the other guys are stupid.
  • Nancy Pelosi- Here is someone clearly blinded by the shine of power. She and her leadership have taken an already unpopular congress and put it in the basement of American opinion. I think she is more enamored with her own personal airtime than actually trying to forge a workable solution for the Union.

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the medeiros family said...

I agree...we could with a whole lot less of the celebrity opinions and attention hogging.

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