Wednesday, July 08, 2009

California and Karma

We just returned from another great weekend visiting Jodi's family in San Diego and the OC. It got me thinking that these folks and their fancy beaches and great weather have it too easy. But then I remembered the horrible malaise that this state is in and I felt a little better. Karma has its own special way of sorting things out and making things equal.

California is a great big giant stew that mixes in the best and worst of humanity. The cost of living is insane and the government has become insane in the way that it has run the state and its budget. But then the Beach Boys music starts to play and you are whisked away in visions of California Cuisine ocean side and served at dusk. This strange duality has inspired me to create a top 5/ low 5 list of the best and worst of the Golden State.

Top 5
  1. Ground zero for the great and entertaining struggle between the salacious hordes of paparazzi and the privacy of the idiots that we have anointed as our celebrities.
  2. Incredible coastline that spans the whole state and features some of the most mild and attractive weather this side of Kolob. (I'm assuming that Kolob has pretty sweet weather)
  3. A veritable potpourri of sites, sounds, and attractions for every taste.
  4. Its great history of being a breeding ground for some of the great innovations, cultural and otherwise, of the "American Century".
  5. Disneyland.
Low 5
  1. See #1 in "Top 5"
  2. The absolute demolition of the middle class at the hands of special interests, excessively high cost of living, and declining public education.
  3. Something needs to be said about a populace that elects Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, and Arnold. You guys want competent people running your government, right? This place is a great place for shouting idealogues.
  4. Its sordid history of being a breeding ground for some of the worst innovations, cultural and otherwise, of the "American Century" and the present.
  5. Its ridicously superficial relationship with the Lakers.


Tera said...

Hey now, no reason to bring the Lakers into this :)

Ronifer269 said...

But the Lakers are so easy to loathe!

Jeffers said...

Who ever heard of a state declaring bankruptcy? Wow! We can't even accept their government issued IOU's anymore until at least the middle of October (I work for Zions Bank in Utah). We were initially told we could, but today we were told not to accept them at all for deposit or to cash. How much longer until the federal government declares bankruptcy? How far into the hole do they have to go before they realize THEY HAVE NO MONEY?!

the medeiros family said...

Looks like you had a fun trip...especially enjoying the cooler temps!

dyeve said...

Verry nice blog, nice pictures ;)
Interesting..and good to know all you write here..
with simpathy
Havea beautiful day!

Sidhartha said...

I live in northern California an your right the middle class is definitively dissapearing.

I think that once the middle class is gone the people in the power will realize their demise.

until then we all must keep chugging g along

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