Sunday, September 18, 2011

All in for Austin

Using the BYU-Texas game as the excuse we spent another memorable weekend deep in the heart of the Country of Texas.  While the team wound up folding we managed to invent a new sport (Two ball), bust an Achilles (Garrett), gorge on meat (Rudy's and Salt Lick), have a love affair with the taco (Torchy's) discover Rone's Corner at the UT Campus, get healed at the waters of Barton Springs, awkwardly walk down 6th Street on a Friday night, and chuckle at the whole 'Texas Pride' thing.

A great time and here's to another Skutch trip.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Achtung Baby Documentary: From the Sky Down

Can't wait for this. Amazing insight into the one of best albums of the last 25 years. I miss the fly.

Here's a link to an interview with Bono and the Edge at the Toronto Film Festival discussing the documentary.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Salt Lake: Center for Italian Epicurean Finery?

On the surface, one would be relatively hard pressed to find many similarities between the Salt Lake Valley and Italy. Both are home to prominent religions...what else?  If you said, 'both have ideal climates for world class artisan meats' than you'd be a step ahead of pretty much everyone.

Unbeknownst to most, even the most culinary alert, is the fact that the finest cured meats made this side of the Ligurian come from Salt Lake, specifically Cristiano Creminelli- the proud man pictured here.

I stumbled upon this fact while savoring the best  and most authentic pizzas in Arizona.  My first exposure came from friend Stefano Fabbri, owner of Pomo Pizzeria.  It is the only certified authentic Neapolitan pizza in Phoenix. My love affair with this place has its origins here.  I have explored the finest reaches of this menu and all of my favorite dishes, most notably the Quattro Stagioni and Diavola, are made exceptional through the use of Creminelli Salame.  

More recently while enjoying a pie at the world renowned Pizzeria Bianco- yes the best pizza in America is found in Phoenix- I had an interesting and informative conversation with their chef regarding the quality of their ingredients.  The conversation naturally turned to meats and his eyes lit up when the conversation moved to Creminelli.  They too use their meats.  And according to Bianco, Christiano hand selected the Salt Lake area due to its similar climate to Italy. 

Imagine that.  The best cured meats coming from this humble valley.  Brother Brigham was a bigger visionary than I gave him credit for.  Do you think he had Salame Piccante Creminelli in mind when he said 'This is the Place'? Utah, you've given me one more thing to be proud of

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