Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jeff Jensen: The 135lb Titan of the Titanic

Ever since he was the weest of wee lads my little brother, Jeff, has had a voracious appetite for anything relating to the RMS Titanic.  He was a child celebrity at the 80th anniversary Titanic convention where he met many of the survivors.  The next bit of fame came with the James Cameron classic flick in 1997. Now, like a return visit from Halley's comet, Jeff is given another 15 minutes of fame as Utah's resident Titanic historian.

 As local and national media seeks to create stories and newsbits to satisfy our 100th anniversary curiosity Jeff has been on call.  Here is a sampling of the latest bits.

  •  CA TV (Canada).
  • Link to article in the Provo Daily Herald
  • Interview on Fox 10's morning news in Salt Lake City
  • Link to article in MSNBC
  • Soon to come interview with KSL

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